Ocean Flow International are subsea specialists.  We work nationally and internationally for oil and gas operating companies.  Our engineers have detailed design experience of subsea hardware, control systems, flow lines and pipelines, and have extensive experience installing and operating subsea oil and gas fields.

What do we do?

Ocean Flow International provides technical, engineering, commercial, and management consultation to oil and gas operating companies for subsea and offshore development projects around the world.

Why do we do it?

Worldwide opportunities to develop oil and gas fields reside in deep and shallow water.  Ocean Flow demonstrates that we have the resources, experience, and expertise to develop these opportunities safely, economically, efficiently, and expediently.  Our team meets the challenges of the offshore world with unmatched professionalism and enthusiasm for both our clientele and our own.

How do we do it?

OFI is committed to superior service and employs the most qualified, experienced, and highly-skilled personnel in the industry.

OFI personnel are licensed in the USA and internationally.  OFI, itself, is licensed and backed with complete insurance coverage for providing the best possible services to our clients.